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CatNap believes that all cats are entitled to a safe, caring, and happy home.    


We are a volunteer rescue organization that relies solely upon donations from the public and fundraising events to sustain our programs and operations. All money raised helps to offset the costs of feeding, spaying or neutering and obtaining medical attention for these abandoned cats and kittens. All donations, whether cash, kitty food or kitty litter are very much appreciated as are new volunteers. We are a registered non-profit society and donations in any amount are welcome. 


CatNap was formed in August of 1998 by a small local group of caring individuals who wanted to make a difference for the abandoned and homeless cats of Nanaimo. It has now grown to include foster homes and a whole family of adopters. Our driving force is our mutual love for animals and our support of each other during crisis situations. We have put together quite an extended family of cat lovers, who have given our rescues wonderful, loving homes. We never expected that from this passion of ours, we would meet so many interesting and wonderful people.


Our mandate is to rescue abandoned cats and kittens, provide medical attention where necessary, have them spayed and neutered and, hopefully, find them homes. In the case of feral cats, after they are spayed/neutered they will be released back to the original location where they were trapped if they can be provided with shelter and food on a daily basis. This should reduce the number of suffering and abandoned cats in this city. We are not an animal control agency. We are willing to assist in trapping feral cats if someone needs assistance but they must be willing to help these cats after their release. CatNap can only do so much. This is a community problem that needs the support of the community.


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For a complete up-to-date list of cats and kittens currently available for adoption, please visit our Facebook page.



Our monthly newsletter is a great way to keep up to date on CatNap news and events, as well as cat-related articles.


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Email us to make an appointment for you cat, dog, or rabbit to be microchipped on October 30th!

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