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CatNap FAQ 

Our FAQ document contains a wealth of information about the topics listed below.


Click here to download the complete pdf.

  • What does CatNap do? 

  • Feral and stray cats – an important difference 

  • Learn about feral cats and Trap-Neuter Return 

  • Learn more about caring for outdoor cats 

  • Can you give me advice for how to care for a sick or injured cat? 

  • Learn more about advocating for cats 

  • Found Cat(s)/kitten(s) hanging around my home/business scenarios: 
    - Friendly healthy Cat scenario 
    - Friendly Sick Looking Cat scenario 
    - Unapproachable healthy looking cat scenario 
    - Unapproachable unhealthy looking cat scenario 
    - Pregnant or just given birth cat scenario - with or without kittens 
    - Kitten Scenario 

  • I or someone I know can’t have a cat anymore what should I/they do? Will CatNap take it? 

  • My Cat had kittens. Will CatNap take them for me? 

  • I Lost my Cat what should I do? 

  • Where can I buy, rent, or borrow a cat trap? 

  • Where can I learn how to trap? 

  • Ear Tattoo codes for all of BC helpful reference sheet of the vet and phone number 

  • My cat(s)/kitten(s) needs to be spayed or neutered. Are there any low income Spay and Neuter options for me? 

  • I know of someone who is being cruel/hurting/abandoning cats and or kittens 

  • Do you have any cats or kittens for adoption? How can I find them? 

  • What sort of Volunteer work does CatNap need help with? 


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