Business Sponsors

CatNap would love to partner with business supporters.  


If you are a business who would like to donate a minimum of $500 a year to CatNap Society then we will in appreciation add your business info to our Business Supporter page on our website for 1 year from the donation time. Also, the link to our Business Supporter page will be in our Quarterly Newsletter as well as on our Facebook page that has over 1700 likes and is ever growing! We are a registered charity which means donations are tax deductible. 

If your business would like to help support CatNap Society please email us at or click the contact link on our website and send us a message. 


CatNap is always looking for businesses and professionals who would like to help us by hosting a fundraising event or by continuing on with an ongoing donation to CatNap from a service that they offer to the public. We have had the pleasure of working with professionals and businesses that have generously held an event where some of the proceeds go to CatNap Society. We also have wonderful long standing relationship with businesses that kindly continue donating to CatNap some of their proceeds from a service that they offer to the public. We are happy to help share your fundraising event or your ongoing business service donation on our website, Facebook page and in our quarterly newsletter.


Please contact us by email at or click on the contact tab on our website and send us a message.