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Cat Health Tips 

Home Health Care for your Cat 


There are certain things you can do for your cat at home to maintain good health: 

  • Coat: Although cats do a good job of cleaning themselves, brushing and combing him will help to get rid of any matted fur, and any parasites such as fleas can be noticed more easily. He will probably enjoy this fussing over him.

  • Ears: Wipe the ears from time to time with a moistened tissue. If he is scratching his ears a lot, he may have ear mites or an ear infection. Both of these should be treated as soon as possible as this could result a hematoma or swelling beneath the skin. If this occurs, then surgery is needed.

  • Teeth: Check the teeth as well. If the tissue on the gums is red, the cat could have gingivitis, an early sign of dental disease. Some cats will enjoy you cleaning their teeth, and today one can get feline toothpastes that cats like!

  • Nails: You should learn to clip your cats' nails. Be careful, however, that you clip the tip only, and not the part that contains the nerves and blood vessels.

  • Chin: Blackheads on the chin could mean feline acne. One common cause of feline acne are dirty food bowls. If you use plastic bowls, even if they are cleaned regularly, the oils from the cat food can build up in the plastic. Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are ideal. Another common cause of acne is a food allergy, so a visit to the vet is recommended if you notice symptoms.


Signs and Symptoms to Watch For


You should check on his intake of water, food and use of the litter box for any abnormal behavior. Sudden improper urination could mean the cat has a urinary tract infection. Any straining in the litter box means an urgent trip to the vet is required as he could have a blockage which could result in death, if not properly cared for.


Any lumps on the body could mean an abscess or even cancer, and should be taken care of as soon as possible.


It is common sense that if your cat displays any signs of illness, you should take him to your veterinarian immediately.

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