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Found Cats 

Found a cat in the Nanamo area? The best course of action depends on the circumstances.


Friendly Healthy Cat Scenario 


Cats like to wander. It is very possible that it is just visiting to say hello. Check the ear first and see if you can see a tattoo and write it down. Stop by the local SPCA and ask for a free plastic collar. While you are at the SPCA tell them the tattoo number (if it has one) and give them the description of the cat/kitten and your location/phone number in case someone has reported it missing. You can also call the animal control services provider for you area and see if anyone has made a report for the cat. Write on the plastic collar “Is this your Cat? please call 250-XXX-XXXX I think it is lost and will take it to the SPCA if no one calls.” If someone calls within a three days then you know it is someone’s cat. We ask you to put a fresh bowl of water and a bit of cat food out for kitty until someone calls. If it is cold out a little covered area would help the kitty stay warm with a towel to lay on out of the rain or snow while you wait for a response. Most lost animals belong in the neighborhoods where they are stray and the guardians may be frantically looking for their pet.

  • Nanaimo SPCA: 154 Westwood Rd, (250) 741-0778 

  • Nanaimo Animal Control Services: 1260 Nanaimo Lakes Rd, (250) 616-0233 

  • Coastal Animal Services: (serving the Regional Disrict including Cedar, Gabriola, Lantzville, Errington, Whiskey Creek, and Bowser) 2202 Herd Rd, Duncan, 1 (888) 754-1397 


Bringing the animal to your local animal shelter is an option but moving the animal from the neighbourhood reduces the chances that the pet will be reunited with his guardian. A trip to the local shelter is also a very traumatic experience for an animal. So if you are able, take some time to find the guardian on your own. Below are some tips to help you find a lost animal's way home.

If no one has called about the kitty after three days and you have tried other methods outlined below to find the cat's owner then please call the SPCA or the animal control services provider for you area and pre arrange to bring the kitty in. Sometimes there might be a bit of a wait because of influx of cats being surrendered but they will arrange for the kitty to be brought in as soon as possible. Please continue feeding and providing fresh water and some shelter while you wait for a spot.

Look for identification (ID) 

We encourage all animal guardians to ensure their pets have at least one of the following forms of identification. 


  • Collar and/or ID tag: does the cat have a collar with an ID tag? The tag may have the animal's home number or home address that will help you track down his family. 


  • Ear tattoo: If the animal that you have found has a legible tattoo number in the ear, you can check the list of all BC veterinarian tattoo codes then contact the corresponding vet to report the found animal. If you cannot find a corresponding code, it may be that the animal was tattooed in another province or state. You can also call Nanaimo Animal Control Services and they will trace the tattoo for you.

  • Other tattoos: Some purebred animals may have a breeder tattoo on their abdomen or inside leg. This is only traceable through the original breeder.

  • Microchips: Microchips are a form of electronic identification that is inserted under the animal's skin. Unfortunately, you will have no way of knowing if an animal has a microchip. You must take the animal to a veterinary clinic, Animal Control services, or a BC SPCA shelter to have the animal scanned for a microchip.

Use the Internet 
There are many websites dedicated to helping lost and found animals be returned to their guardians. The following sites include Canada, and may be a valuable resource for you to post either a lost or found animal, as well as search the listings to see if your missing pet is among them. 


BC SPCA Pet Search  



Lost and Found Pet Facebook Pages: 

FLEC - Finding Lost and Escaped Cats

Pet Searchers Nanaimo 

Nanaimo Lost and Found Pets


Animal Authority Facebook Pages:

BCSPCA Nanaimo Branch 

Nanaimo Animal Control Services

Coastal Animal Services


Nanaimo Pet Group Facebook Pages


Nanaimo Pet Discussions n Pictures

Nanaimo Pet Swap n Shop



  • Put up "Found Pet" posters. When you create an account at BC SPCA Pet Search, you are given the option to create a FREE poster that includes a photo of the animal (if possible); description of the animal; where it was found and a contact telephone number. Post them in as many places as possible: around the site where the animal was found; grocery and corner stores; local parks; telephone poles etc., vets.

  • Talk to people in the neighbourhood, especially other cat guardians.

  • Contact your local BC SPCA shelter or Animal Control to report the animal found. Let them know that you are willing to hold onto the animal until the guardian comes forward.

  • Contact local veterinary clinics, many of them also keep lost and found animal records. They also can help pinpoint the vet who put the tattoo in the kitty’s ear and give you the name and phone number to contact them in hopes that an up to date record will be on file for its owner’s name and phone number.

  • Check the "Lost" section in the Classifieds.

  • Don't forget! If you find the guardian, as a courtesy, please remember to contact the groups keeping records and let them know so they can take the animal off their records.


Friendly Sick or Injured Cat Scenario

Take the cat inside your home to a bathroom or laundry room and shut the door. If you believe the cat needs immediate veterinary care and have transportation, you can take it to Island Veterinary Hospital (250-753-1288) or Central Island Emergency Vet Hospital (250-933-0913 - open 24hrs a day). If you cannot transport the cat, contact Animal Control (250-616-0233) and ask if they can help to pick it up. They will provide veterinary care and try to find owner. Keep the cat away from your other pets or young children so it doesn’t get scared and panic. You will not have to pay for the kitty’s medical care but it will be necessary to sign a stray surrender paper so they can pass the care of the kitty over to the SPCA or animal control. This helps the SPCA or animal control have info for where and when the kitty was found in the city, and be able to call if they have any questions.


Unapproachable Healthy Looking Cat Scenario


Not all domestic cats are super friendly, especially when they are outside on their own. Some keep their distance from strangers. If it looks healthy it is more often than not that he has a home. If the cat starts to look thin or sick then this would be cause for some concern. Please email CatNap for advice and help in this situation. In the meantime please put out some fresh water and some cat food for the kitty. If it’s cold a little covered area and a towel to lie on out of the rain or snow will help.


Unapproachable Unhealthy Looking Cat Scenario

Please put out some cat food and fresh water for the cat and contact CatNap for advice and help in this situation.


Pregnant or Just Given Birth Cat Scenario (with or without seeing kittens) 


Please put out some cat food and fresh water for the cat and contact CatNap for advice and help in this situation.


Kitten Scenario 


Please put out some canned cat food and fresh water for the kitten(s) and contact CatNap for advice and help in this situation. 

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